Committee Meetings

A list of UKAAP Steering Committee Meetings will be listed below. Minutes from these meetings will be made available once accepted by the Committee.

Next UKAAP Steering Committee Meeting:

June 2022

Minutes from previous meetings:

UKAAP SC 15 – 17th January 2022, online meeting – minutes to be added once approved by the committee.

UKAAP SC 14 – 27th May 2021, online meeting

UKAAP SC 13 – 3rd December 2020, online meeting

UKAAP SC 12 – 1st June 2020, Online meeting

UKAAP SC 11 -9th December 2019, British Antarctic Survey

UKAAP SC 10  – 18th June 2019, University College London

UKAAP SC 9  – 17th January 2019, Loughborough University

UKAAP SC 8 – 10th May 2018, Grantham Institute

UKAAP SC7 –  24th November 2017, FCO, London

UKAAP SC6 – 9th May 2017, British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge

UKAAP SC5 – 2nd December 2016, University of Manchester

UKAAP SC4 – 7th July 2016, University of East Anglia

UKAAP SC3 – 25th November 2015, Heriot-Watt University

UKAAP SC 2 –  4th June 2015, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London

UKAAP SC1 – 15th October 2014

Images on this site are courtesy of Kate Hendry, University of Bristol, Adam Bradley, British Antarctic Survey, Mike Meredith, British Antarctic Survey and Guy Hillyard, British Antarctic Survey. If you wish to use any of the images, please contact the UKAAP Secretary in the first instance.