On this page, we aim to post links to key reports, policy documents and publications. If you are aware of any reports that should be included in these lists, please contact Nicola Munro (UKAAP SC Secretary) in the first instance.


Beyond the ice: UK policy towards the Arctic:

This document, published on 4th April 2018, sets out the UK government’s overall approach to the Arctic, and provides an update to the Arctic Policy Framework (Adapting to Change). The full document is available here:

United Kingdom and Arctic Science:

The United Kingdom and Arctic Science – a document developed by the UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership, launched in October 2016.

Responding to a changing Arctic:

The House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic has published it’s report ‘Responding to a changing Arctic’ (27th February 2015). Further information about the House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic  and links to the report can be found here:

Adapting to Change:

Adapting To Change: UK policy towards the Arctic  (17th October 2013) – In this document, the UK Government, for the first time, has set out its approach to the Arctic. It sets out how the UK will continue to support and respect the sovereign rights of the Arctic States; the peoples who live and work in the Arctic; and the unique and fragile natural environment. At the same time it outlines the UK’s legitimate interests in the region, our priorities for practical action and our willingness to show leadership in appropriate areas.

Policy Documents:

UK Science in Antarctica: 2014 to 2020:

UK Science in Antarctica: 2014-2020 (16th July 2014) – A framework for British research, outlining the UK’s science strategy in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean from 2014 to 2020.

Images on this site are courtesy of Kate Hendry, University of Bristol, Adam Bradley, British Antarctic Survey, Mike Meredith, British Antarctic Survey and Guy Hillyard, British Antarctic Survey. If you wish to use any of the images, please contact the UKAAP Secretary in the first instance.


European Polar Infrastructure Database:

The European Polar Board and EU-PolarNet have launched the European Polar Infrastructure Database.

The database includes detailed information on European stations, vessels and aircraft available for Arctic and Antarctic research, and provides a valuable information source to support the planning of polar research fieldwork and an up to date inventory of European logistical capabilities in the polar regions. The database is fully updateable, with infrastructure managers able to access and manage information on their facilities, and new facilities can be added.

The European Polar Infrastructure Database is available here:

 UK Arctic and Antarctic Science Conference resources:

The first UK Arctic Science Conference was held in 2009 and hosted by NOC. Since then there have been three Arctic Science conferences and three Antarctic Science conferences, hosted by difference universities across the UK. Below is a list of these conferences with links to the programmes and abstracts (where available).

2009: UK Arctic Science Conference, NOC

2011: UK Arctic Science Conference, Leeds University

2012: UK Antarctic Science Conference, Cambridge

2013: UK Arctic Science Conference, SPRI, Cambridge

2014: UK Antarctic Science Conference, Bristol

2015: UK Arctic Science Conference, Sheffield University

2016: UK Antarctic Science Conference, University of East Anglia

2017: UK Arctic Science Conference, Oban