Terms of Reference

UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership

Terms of Reference

Updated: UKAAP SC Meeting 10, 18th June 2019

The UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership (UKAAP) is an initiative to draw together a community and act as a strategic focal point for researchers, stakeholders and other parties with active interests in polar research. Its work will be planned and led by a Steering Committee which acts on behalf of the whole community. The Terms of Reference of the Steering Committee are:-

  • To establish and maintain a membership which is broadly representative of the UK polar research and, where appropriate, wider stakeholder communities.
  • To enhance communication and cohesiveness within the UK polar research community.
  • To facilitate, where appropriate, the identification of key questions, gaps and opportunities for UK polar research in both the natural and social sciences, ensuring full community consultation.
  • To foster enhanced links with stakeholders including industry, policy makers, society and other non-academic partners, to increase the relevance and impact of UK polar research.
  • To promote avenues of collaboration, funding and support for the execution of strategic polar research, both nationally and with international partners. This includes accessing and drawing on relevant expertise from outside the polar research community.
  • To provide advice, and community insight, on the infrastructure investments and enabling structures (including political architecture) that are required to sustain and enhance the UK’s position as a leading nation in polar research. As part of this, to encourage the effective use of the existing assets.
  • To increase the visibility, profile and understanding of UK polar research both within the academic community and more broadly, and to enhance the impact of this research for the benefit of science and society.
  • To promote education, training and mentoring where relevant to the polar regions, with the aim of training the next generation of polar researchers and professionals and fostering a research culture and evidence-based approach to polar issues and their broader implications.

The UKAAP will have a Chair and Vice-Chair, with administrative support provided by BAS. The total membership of UKAAP Steering Committee (SC) should not normally exceed 25-30, drawn to represent, as far as practicable, the range of institutions and interests of the UK polar community. Membership both of the SC and the UKAAP will reflect diversity in the community, with particular reference to achieving a suitable balance of subject expertise, gender, career-stage and location. Individual membership of the SC will usually be based on a 3-year term, with the aim of refreshing ~1/3rd of the Committee each year. For specific activities, Task Teams may be appointed ad hoc (including from the broader UKAAP community). These Task Teams will normally be of relatively short-duration, being disbanded once a task is complete.