The current UK Arctic & Antarctic Partnership Steering Committee includes:


Prof Phil Wookey, Stirling University (Chair of the UKAAP Steering Committee)

Professor Wookey is an ecosystems ecologist/biogeochemist, whose principal research focus is on high latitude ecosystems and environmental change. Professor Wookey is based at the Biological and Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling.

Prof Viv Jones, University College London (Deputy Chair of the UKAAP Steering Committee)

Professor Jones is a Reader in Palaeolimnology, Environmental Change Research Centre, Department of Geography at University College London.

Dr Sheldon Bacon, National Oceanography Centre

Prof Ian Brooks, Leeds University

Professor Brooks is a Professor of Boundary Layer Processes at Leeds University. His research interests include Boundary layer Meteorology, air-sea interaction and Arctic meteorology and climate, turbulent processes.

Dr Siwan Davies, University of Swansea

Dr Duncan Depledge, APPG

Prof Klaus Dodds, Royal Holloway, University of London

Prof Mary Edwards, University of Southampton

Professor Edwards is a Professor in Physical Geography within the Geography and Environemental Science at the University of Southampton. She is also adjunct faculty member at ESTES, University of Alaska and a Visiting Professor at the Ujniversity of Tromso Museum, Norway.

Dr Richard Essery, University of Edinburgh

Dr Anne Jungblut, Natural History Museum

Dr Melanie Leng, British Geological Survey




Dr Erin McClymont, Durham University

Prof David Pearce, University of Northumbria

Dr Jennifer Pike, Cardiff University

Prof Gareth Phoenix, University of Sheffield

Dr Richard Powell, Scott Polar Research Institute

Dr Jeff Ridley, Met Office




Dr Clare Robinson, University of Manchester




Prof Martin Siegert, Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College London

Prof David Thomas, Bangor University




Prof Gail Whiteman, Lancaster University

Prof David Vaughan, British Antarctic Survey

Ex-Officio Members:

Prof Jane Francis, Director, British Antarctic Survey

Jess Surma/ Helen Beadman, NERC Representative

Prof Mike Bentley, UKNCAR Representative



Henry Burgess, Head, NERC Arctic Office




Nicola Munro,  UKAAP Secretary, NERC Arctic Office

Archana Dayal, UK Polar Network Representative

Previous Members of the Committee:

Prof Julian Dowdeswell, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge (Chair)

Dr Ed Hawkins, National Centre for Atmospheric Science, University of Reading

Dr Stephanie Henson, National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Dr Kate Hendry, Bristol University

Dr Ruth Hindshaw

Prof Andy Hodson, UNIS

Dr Claire Hughes, University of York

Prof Tavi Murray, Swansea University

Prof Mike Meredith, BAS

Prof Colm O’Cofaigh, Durham University

Prof Martyn Tranter, Bristol Glaciological Centre, Bristol University

Dr Jeremy Wilkinson, British Antarctic Survey

Prof Eric Wolff, University of Cambridge

Mike Dinn, BAS

Tun Jan Young, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

Dr Ray Leakey, Scottish Association for Marine Science

Dr Bart van Dongen, University of Manchester